Polyclonal Antibody - HIP-55

Name: HIP-55
Price per aliquot (100µg): £110.00
Full Name:
HIP55 phospho Ser 269
Long Name Text:
Drebrin-like, HPK1 interacting Protein of 55 kDa
Immuno Sequence:
CQKERAMS*TTSISS [residues 263 - 275 of human + N-terminal cysteine for coupling]
CQKERAMSTTSISS [residues 263 - 275 of human + N-terminal cysteine for coupling]
Sheep Number:
Purification Method:
Affinity purified against phospho specific peptide.
Gel Image:

The indicated amounts (0.05 – 1 ug) of synthetic phosphorylated peptides (P) and their non-phosphorylated counterparts (N) were spotted onto nitrocellulose. The peptides were immunlotted with 1 ug/ml affinity purified antibody preincubated in the presence or absence of phosphorylated immunogen or non-phosphorylated peptides.
GFP-DBNL and the indicated single and double alanine mutants of these proteins were immunoprecipitated on GFP-Trap beads from transfected cells and then immunoblotted with anti-DBNL phospho Ser 269, anti-DBNL phospho Thr 291 and anti-GFP antibodies.

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