Polyclonal Antibody - Cullin 5

Name: Cullin 5
Price per aliquot (100µg): £110.00
Full Name:
Cullin 5 (577 - 689)
Long Name Text:
Cullin 5
Immuno Sequence:
GST-Cullin 5 (577 - 689) [SC 21078]
DU Number of Antigen:
Sheep Number:
Tag Information:
Tagged with GST.
Purification Method:
Affinity purified against recombinant protein GST-Cullin5 (577 – 689) [DU 21078] and then depleted against GST.
Gel Image:

Doublet recognised at the expected size (80-90 kDa). The upper of the two bands corresponds to the NEDD8-conjugated form of the cullin. Please note - Additional non-specific bands may be seen depending on lysis procedure and cell type. Can detect Cullin5 in HEK293, U2OS and DT40 (chicken) cell lines.
30 ug of antibody non-covalently coupled to Protein G-Sepharose successfully immunoprecipitated endogenous Cullin5 from 3 mg of HEK293 cell lysate.

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