Polyclonal Antibody - CRTC3

Name: CRTC3
Price per aliquot (100µg): £110.00
Full Name:
CRTC3 phospho Ser 329
Long Name Text:
CREB regulated transcription coactivator 3
Immuno Sequence:
GLQSSRS*NPSIQ [residues 323 - 334 of human]
GLQSSRSNPSIQ [residues 323 - 334 of human]
Sheep Number:
Gel Image:

Constructs encoding wildd-type Flag-CRTC3 and FLAG-CRTC3 with relevant phosphosites mutated to Ala were expressed in HEK293 cells. Cell extract protein (25 ug) was separared by SDS-Page and immunoblotted with anti-CRTC3 phospho Ser 329 (S256D) or anti-CRTC3 phospho Ser 370 (S253D) at 125 ng/ml in the presence of 1.25 ug/ml of the appropriate non-phospho peptide. Expression of each CRTC3 construct was verified by blotting using anti-FLAG. Antibodies raised against phospho Ser 329 and phospho Ser 370 detect overexpressed wildtype CRTC3 by immunoblot. The antibody against phospho Ser 329 failed to detect CRTC3 with Ser329 mutated to Ala. The antibody against phospho Ser 370 weakly detected CRTC3 when Ser 370 was mutated to Ala but did not recognise CRTC3 with Ser 329 and Ser 370 to Ala. Note that the weak cross-reactivity of the antibodies is due to the similarity in the sequence surrounding Ser329 and Ser370 in CRTC3.
Detects overexpressed CRTC3 but not CRTC3 with Ser329 mutated to Ala. Failed to detect endogenous protein in total lysates.

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