Polyclonal Antibody - REEP2

Name: REEP2
Price per aliquot (100µg): £110.00
Full Name:
GST-REEP2 (169 - end)
Long Name Text:
Receptor Accessory Protein 2
Immuno Sequence:
GST-REEP2 (169 - end) [DU 40147]
DU Number of Antigen:
Sheep Number:
Tag Information:
Tagged with GST.
Gel Image:

HEK293 cells lysates (30 μg) transiently expressing the four REEP-GFP proteins, as indicated, were subject to Western blotting using 0.2 μg/ml antibody in 5% BSA in TBST either overnight at 4oC or for 1 h at room temperature. Use at higher concentrations led to some cross-recognition of other family members. The GFP tag is at the C-terminus of these proteins, because the N-terminal region is in the cytoplasmic leaflet of the ER membrane.

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