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Due to the current situation with Covid 19 this facility is currently closed and all staff are working from home. Although we will be checking emails regularly, there may be a longer delay than usual in replying.

For scientists, From scientists.

As one of the world's leading centres focused on cell signalling pathways we are happy to provide access to the very same reagents and services used by MRC PPU investigators to accelerate research worldwide.


Reagents cDNA Clones

cDNA Clones

Reagents cDNA Clones

The clones generated in our facility are destined for use in a number of cell biological and biochemistry-related applications depending upon vector backbone.


Reagents Proteins


Reagents Proteins

Given the MRC PPU’s focus on biochemistry, the proteins generated and purified in our facility undergo numerous quality control measures to meet the high standard required by our scientists.


Reagents Antibodies


Reagents Antibodies

Our in-house antibodies are used for a variety of downstream biochemical and cell biological research – from western blot to immunocytochemistry analyses.

Reagents and Services Collections

Cellular signalling is a complex field that involves molecules and pathways which we are only beginning to understand and dissect. This research, critical to uncovering so many of the underlying causes of diseases - from cancer to neurodegeneration - can only be tackled with great minds working together.

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Our Approach

Science can move forward quickly with great minds….and can move even faster with reliable research tools.  We began as an in-house service to help investigators based at the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit streamline their research efforts.  Our remit has now expanded such that we are pleased to offer not only those reagents already made and tested by MRC PPU Investigators, but also contract research services for custom protein and antibody generation available to the wider research community.

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Our Promise

Our tens of thousands of reagents were created for the very same experts whose publications you, as scientists, hold in such high regard. Their attention to detail and required level of rigor are what make our reagents and services those which you can trust for your own research endeavours. And our collections of reagents extends far beyond key kinase and ubiquitin targets – to associated substrates and interacting proteins.

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