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cDNA Clones PlasmidsCloning and subcloning cDNAs of interest is a staple of molecular biology and facilitates subsequent biochemical and cell biological research studies. Though seemingly routine, our methods of creating and validating our clones maintains a level of stringency to ensure that all clones meet the standard of accuracy required by the scientists in our Unit.

All cDNA inserts are verified by sequencing followed by alignment of raw sequencing traces to reference sequences (Genbank) for validation. Our facility utilizes DNA Dynamo to perform this alignment.  SNAPGENE, a free software program can open these files for viewing.  Please refer to our Resources section to identify other resources which may help you examine and manipulate the sequencing files you require.  A detailed datasheet is provided for each construct in which details of the plasmid and precise nucleotide and protein sequence are listed.

Please note: There are a subset of constructs within our portfolio that may not have a complete set of data available. These are older clones generated for use within the unit and at the time, sequence data was not necessarily stored.  For any researcher requesting these older constructs, we will re-sequence these at our own expense and generate a datasheet in advance of the construct being sent out.   


All cDNA clones are provided in a volume of 10 ul at a concentration between 10-100 ng/microliter (depending on copy number) -- ample quantities for transformation and propagation each construct in your own lab!


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Any cDNA Clone reported in an MRC PPU publication should also be available to request by external users on a cost recovery basis. Please contact us with any queries relating to this.

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