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Reagents AntibodiesAll the products in our catalogue, including antibodies, are produced with a singular attention to detail that reflects the level of rigor required by the scientists at the MRC PPU. They have been tested by Unit investigators in their own labs for research purposes.  Thus customers can have confidence in our products.   

Those antibodies generated reflect not only the scientific focus of the MRC PPU – kinases, phosphatases, E1 activating enzymes, E2 conjugating enzyme, E2 ubiquitin ligases and deubiquitylases – but far beyond.  As research around each of these enzyme families has proceeded, more has been uncovered.  This is reflected in our catalogue as antibodies directed against interacting proteins and substrates of family members from these enzyme subclasses. 

We routinely generate antibodies against full length and truncated proteins, as well as phospho-specific antibodies.  Our host of preference is sheep and each antibody has been affinity purified.  We provide datasheets for our antibodies which illustrate how it performs in applications such as immunoblotting and immunoprecipitations.  

We invite you to investigate our catalogue further – including our collections – to find those antibodies that can help accelerate your own research endeavours!


All antibodies are provided as 100 microgram aliquots


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Any antibody reported in an MRC PPU publication should also be available to request by external users on a cost recovery basis. Please contact us with any queries relating to this.

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