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Assessment of a protein of interest in biological systems is key to the work of biochemists and cell biologists the world over.  At the MRC PPU, we are no stranger to the critical need for reliable and sensitive antibody tools.

Given the fact that the vast majority of all MRC PPU research papers rely heavily on the antibodies raised by our antibody production team, we have a wealth of knowledge in the generation of antibodies, using large protein fragments and peptides.  Moreover, given the focus of our Unit on phosphorylation, we also have a depth of knowledge of phospho-specific antibody generation.

We are happy to make our services available to scientists outside of our Unit and look forward to working with you.  We have thus far worked on numerous projects with investigators from around the world based in academia as well as the pharma and biotech sectors.  Please let us know how we can help you!


Antigen Selection

We routinely generate all protein and peptide antigens required to raise antibodies including:

  • Recombinant protein generated in bacterial and insect cell systems:
    • Full Length
    • Truncated protein fragments
  • Phospho-peptides 

Antibody Purification

Upon generation, the antibody production team can provide a complete service whereby each antibody is appropriately affinity purified from each bleed, using antigen coupled to BSA/KLH, and sent to customer for validation.

Normally 3 bleed schedules on sheep are undertaken for each programme.  Additional bleeds are available on request.

Antibody Generation

The majority of our antibodies are raised in sheep which offers the advantage of being able to raise very large amounts of affinity-purified antibody (yields typically 10-100 mg) that will provide a laboratory and its collaborators with sufficient antibody for many years research.  Should the need arise, other species such as rabbit can also be employed.  


As each investigator’s needs for antibody generation are different, pricing will vary depending on all the variables discussed above including:

  • Antigen production
  • Antibody source (sheep/rabbit)
  • Number of bleeds
  • Purification

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your project in further detail!

Turnaround Times

Though turnaround times for each project may vary slightly, it typically takes 6 weeks from obtaining antigen to getting first bleed of serum with subsequent bleeds undertaken at 4 week intervals.

If you are interested in antibody generation, we can help you design your project from the start.  We can even generate your antigen of interest! Please contact us to discuss your project further and for a quotation!  We are happy to provide recommendations from other satisfied customers – please ask.

Do you need any help? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.