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Cellular signalling is a complex field that involves molecules and pathways which we are only beginning to understand and dissect. This research, critical to uncovering so many of the underlying causes of diseases - from cancer to neurodegeneration - can only be tackled with great minds working together.

The list of molecules below reflect those which have been identified because of their key roles in key research areas the world over. We hope that they will be helpful in your own studies as well.

Remember! These represent only a fraction of the countless other tools and reagents in our catalogue, so if you can't find what you're looking for in the collections below, please use our search facility.

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WNK-Signalling Pathway

The following genes have been collected for assisting in the research of WNK-Signalling.

ERK Signalling Pathway

Interferon Signalling Pathway

DNA Repair Signalling Pathway

DNA Replication Termination Signalling Pathway

Autophagy/Mitophagy Signalling Pathway

Parkinson's Disease Pathways

The following genes have been collected for assisting in the research of Parkin's Disease.



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